Auto Vent Cup and Phone Holder

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Fits Most Cars Air Vents!
  • Easily Attached To Car Air Vent
  • Keeps Phone and Drinks Handy
  • Soft Rubber Phone Grips


Product Description

This handy Car Cup Holder doesn't just add an extra space to set down your drinks, but also a mount for your Smartphone that keeps it just glance away; great for staying safe while driving. It attaches to your car's air vents with easy to install clips. It even has an adjustable extender that allows it to fit firmly on most dashboards. The Smartphone mount is also adjustable, fitting models from the iPhones 4 and 5 all the way up to the large iPhone 6 Plus with a case and most Android phones. The car cup holder features a padded bottom that won't scratch your metal bottles and coffee cups, and it has an adjusting flap that holds drinks steady.