Laptop Buddy
Laptop Buddy
Laptop Buddy

Laptop Buddy

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Laptop Buddy portable lap desk is your laptop's new best friend.
  • Features cup holder and easy carrying handle.
  • Light stores inside the Laptop Buddy's zipper pouch.
  • Soft fleece base and foam bead interior to molds to your laptop.


Product Description

The Laptop Buddy is truly designed to be your laptop's new best friend, constantly striving to improve the design and components with each new model produced. For this model, comfort was the primary focus. So we created a base of molding foam balls that easily contour to your lap and enclosed that with a thick, soft fleece casing. The top is constructed from a thick, sturdy piece of wood and given a water resistant textured finish. The cup holder is larger and deeper to hold more cups sizes safely. The pen holder's size and depth have also been increased to keep your pen from interfering with your typing position. We even added a fleece carrying handle to transport your Laptop Buddy with comfort.

The desk light requires 3 AA batteries and the cup holder fits multiple cup sizes. The lights are inside of the cushion on the underside of desk. There is a zipper underneath the desk where you can access the light to install on the top.