Penguin Massage Belt
Penguin Massage Belt
Penguin Massage Belt

Penguin Massage Belt

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Penguin Massage Belt
  • Adjustable velcro strap
  • Manual intensity regulation
  • Powerful high-grade motor


Product Description

Prospera's Penguin Massage Belt works on the aches and pains of muscles in your back, waist, arms, legs and abdomen with its powerful knock and high-speed vibration massage.

You can regulate the intensity of the massage you want in four operating modes: constant vibrating, pulse, wave, and cycle of vibrating. Your muscles will sigh with relief when you soothe them with the Penguin Massage Belt.

The ultra-light unit comes with a remote control and can be easily adjusted with a Velcro strap, to bring maximum sensation just where you need it. The belt length is extra long to fit all sizes.

Relax at home or in the office! Belt overall length 57"

Powerful high grade motor
Manual intensity regulation
Four auto mode selections
Remote control
Heating feature
Adjustable strap
12V adapter (included)