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Snackeez the all-in-one, go anywhere snacking solution.
  • Features Built In Straw and FlipTop Snack
  • Go Anywhere Snack Solution
  • Snack and Drink in ONE Cup


Product Description

Snackeez the all-in-one, go anywhere snacking solution. The clever design of Snackeez! lets you hold a 16 oz. drink and your favorite snack, all in one hand. Snackeez! the drink cup with built-in snack cup, you drink right through the snack cup. Snackeez features 16 oz. drink cup, non-slip grip, 4 oz. snack cup, built-in straw and flip-top snack lid.

The possibilities and combinations are endless! Kids love Snackeez, moms love Snackeez, even dads love Snackeez. Comes in assorted colors we'll pick one for you.

Perfect for:
Snacking in the car or on the couch, Game time fun, On the soccer/football sidelines, Milk & cookies anyone?, Commuters and vacationers, Take it camping