Therapeutic Resistance Stress Balls
Therapeutic Resistance Stress Balls

Therapeutic Resistance Stress Balls

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Keep your fingers, forearms and hand strong
  • Perfect for daily hand exercises.
  • Relax sore muscles and reduce stress.
  • Strengthen fingers, hands, and wrists.


Product Description

Therapeutic Resistance Stress Ball Set (3-Piece)

Keep your fingers, forearms, and hands stronger while easing the stiff joint pain. Use the all three balls to achieve variable resistance training and customize for individual needs and goals.Color-coded balls identify the level of flex from each strengthener ball. All balls are the same size because of their ergonomic design, they are the correct diameter to fit in your hand comfortably as you exert force.

Improves your grip and finger strength, which benefits rheumatoid arthritis, rock climbing, carpal tunnel rehabilitation.

Set of three stress balls. Features three different resistance strengths. Designed to relieve stress and anxiety
Aim to strengthen the hands, wrists, and fingers. Ball grip, thumb extend, pinch, and side squeeze hand exercises are recommended
Product materials: thermoplastic rubber Product dimensions: approximately 2"x2"x2"