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The first and only practical totally enclosed Bacon Cooker made for home use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Eliminates splatters
  • Perfect, crispy bacon in minutes!


Product Description

WowBacon microwave bacon cooker is the first and only practical totally enclosed Bacon Cooker made for home use! Throw away your frying pan! You can now get that great frying pan taste without the messy splatter that can burn you and soil your range!

Experience the enjoyment of cleanly cooking bacon in your microwave oven without ever having to use towels to contain splatter.

Suspension of the bacon from Vanes, rather than from rods, results in more uniform cooking, straighter strips and avoidance of dark burn marks where inner sides of strips touch. The fat dripping down also makes the strips crispier and healthier.

Use any type or cut of bacon: thick or regular sliced, standard or low-sodium, hickory or apple smoked and brown sugar or maple flavored.

Dishwasher safe, but after only a quick rinsing of its parts, this enclosed, compact unit can be easily stored out on your counter or in your refrigerator. It's then always ready to provide you with the taste and aroma of freshly cooked bacon in just a matter of minutes.

Perfectly adapted to Lift-A-Strip method of handling, loading & unloading bacon while keeping fingers clean.